#KeralaTourism: A Way of Women Empowerment

Shri Riyas launches RT Mission’s state-level ‘Women-Friendly Tourism’ initiative

In a country first initiative, Kerala is set to become a fully women-friendly tourism destination by implementing a comprehensive project to encourage the participation of women in all tourism activities and attract more women tourists to the state, Tourism Minister Shri P A Mohamed Riyas said.

Launching the state-level ‘Women-Friendly Tourism’ project, an initiative of State Responsible Tourism Mission (RT Mission), Shri Riyas said Kerala already enjoys the reputation as the safest destination for women tourists.

Noting the significance of the project, Shri Riyas said the state needs a paradigm shift at a time when the world is witnessing a sharp increase in solo trips by women as well as in groups.

The Minister said this initiative is conceived not just as stand-alone package, but as a comprehensive project to ensure presence of ordinary women in various tourism activities and bring more women travellers to the state.

“Through this project, RT Mission ensures safe and hygienic places and tourism destinations for women tourists. The all-women tour packages will be controlled and operated by women, including food, accommodation, transportation and community guides” he said.

The Minister also inaugurated a one-day workshop organised as part of the project.

Delivering the key-note address, Deputy Representative, UN Women India, Smt Kanta Singh, said creating a safe, reliable and hygienic infrastructure that addresses the needs of women is vital while implementing the project. UN Women will sign an MoU with RT Mission regarding gender inclusive tourism, she said.

Kerala Tourism Director Shri P B Nooh said while ensuring the safety of women tourists, the project will bring about a holistic change in tourism sector. Shri Nooh called for more debates to evolve solutions for the problems regarding safe journey of women, besides encouraging solo trips by women.

Workshops on “Women-Friendly Travel: How Kerala should Prepare?” and “Responsible Tourism: A Way of Women Empowerment” along with the presentation of the framework on future activities was held at the event.

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