#klf23:Festival on the Beach

A premier literary festival of India held annually on the beaches of Calicut.

KLF is a non-aligned platform, committed to providing an open and liberal forums for debates and discussion to foster progressive discourses.

The sixth edition of KLF is scheduled tor 2023 January 12 -15.

KLF brings writers, thinkers and activists closer, to people of varied backgrounds and interests and empower writers, thinkers to take the liberty to exercise freedom of thought and expression. Touted as the “grandest celebration of words, ideas, and stories”, the Kerala Literature Festival has swiftly become one of the largest cultural gatherings in Asia and the largest in South India.

Every year, KLF hosts Nobel Laureates, Oscar winners, Booker Prize recipients and other literary luminaries. The sessions at KLF, aim to map literature through discussions on aspects of History & Politics, Economics, Science, Art, Cinema & Culture, Technology, Genomics, Environment, Business and Health among other areas.

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