January marks the beginning of Tamil Heritage Month in Canada!

January marks the beginning of Tamil Heritage Month in Canada, a time to reflect on the rich history, culture, resiliency, and strength of Tamil communities across the country.

Canada is the proud home of one of the largest Tamil diasporas in the world, and Canadians of Tamil heritage have been instrumental in making it the country it is today. Whether it’s in the world of business, politics, the arts, or other fields, Tamil communities continue to play a vital and inspiring role in our society.

Over the course of this month, members of the Tamil community will come together to celebrate the many great contributions that they have made and continue to make, and it serves as an opportunity for everyone to acknowledge and honour their tremendous achievements.  

As Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion, and on behalf of the Government of Canada, I invite Canadians from coast to coast to coast to join in on the celebrations and to learn more about the Tamil language and culture throughout the month of January and beyond.

Happy Tamil Heritage Month!

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