#Veganuary2023! Join the Plant-Based Revolution!

Veganuary – the global movement to try vegan for January and beyond – is helping cure the post-holiday blues with hope, claims a new advertisement from the charity. The inspiring ad speaks to anyone who has ever felt sluggish after the holidays, or uninspired by meals, or doom from scrolling on their phone – and positions Veganuary as the coach to take on any case of the ‘blahs’.

The fun and 80s-reminiscent ad will be streaming across many platforms around the world and invites everyone to sign up for Veganuary 2023.

Veganuary 2022 participants surveyed* reported having improved energy (49%), improved mood (48%), and overall improvements to their health (50%) after their one-month Veganuary challenge. In addition, 67% said taking part in Veganuary helped them feel more inspired in the kitchen, 59% were making more adventurous food choices and 58% more sustainable food choices when surveyed again six months later.**

Everyone who registers for the challenge will receive many free resources, including daily plant-based recipes, nutrition guides, a budget meal plan and access to discounts and special offers.

Veganuary’s new podcast series launched on 1st January alongside a new 31-day YouTube series, both designed to offer people additional ways to participate along with the 31 daily coaching emails they receive when they sign-up. 2023 participants will also receive an updated celebrity e-cookbook featuring recipes from Alicia Silverstone, Venus Williams, Joanna Lumley and Dr Jane Goodall.

Veganuary 2022 participant, Kelly, from Bury-St-Edmunds, described how Veganuary gave her hope: “The media makes me feel very helpless and so do our so-called leaders. However, things like Veganuary make me feel like there is something that I can do and it is done in such a nice, informative but fun way that I don’t feel overwhelmed.” Rachel from Banbridge, who also participated in 2022, agrees: “I think the knowledge that I was doing something in my diet to help health and animals was good for my overall mood.”

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