The #FutureIsNow, only at #ISF2023!

India Science Festival, a flagship event of @FASTIndiaTrust, aims to make science accessible, engaging and fun for all!

@IndSciFest  will have super fun talks, panels, workshops, games, interviews, exhibits and a lot more, open and free for all! Get set to participate in #India‘s coolest celebration of science, only in


The India Science Festival (ISF) is the flagship annual event of the Foundation for Advancing Science and Technology (FAST India), a non-profit institution of excellence working to enable the transformation of India’s science and technology ecosystem through research and policy. ISF has served as a vibrant and stimulating platform to celebrate and explore science in every way possible by bringing together a diverse array of professionals to engage and inspire a wide-ranging audience.

The festival aims to inspire and nurture interest and appreciation of science in young people and the public at large. The main ambition is to make science accessible to all. ISF connect young people and the general public with scientists, engineers, health professionals, business leaders, innovators, creative professionals to foster public understanding of and engagement with science and bring together various actors in the science, technology and innovation ecosystem to discuss, collaborate and progress together. ISF strives to be an inclusive platform to anyone who wishes to engage in science and provide an open forum for progressive and thoughtful discussions on science.

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