#GoaCarnaval2023 is just around the corner!

Carnival is one of the most famous festivals in the State, being celebrated since the 18thCentury. It is celebrated in the months of February-March, 40 days before Lent. Long colourful parades take over the state’s cities with bands, floats, and dances. Decorated floats led by King Momo as the lead float parade passes through the main roads of major cities. King Momo presides over the Carnival celebrations and comes in a lead float, decorated with streamers and his adoring entourage which include a bevy of dancers and singers. During the four days of Carnival, King Momo reigns over the city in line with his decree to “Eat, drink and make merry”. The parade is attended by thousands of international and national tourists along with locals. Major tourism activities that attract tourists include entertainment programs and processions of floats parade in the main cities. In addition, Goa’s cities come alive with beautiful decorations and installations. Celebrations on a smaller scale are also held in major thoroughfares involving lively music, dance, and cuisine. Performances by local artisans, musicians and dance troupes and parades and village level celebrations are held during the festival. Other ancillary services include food stalls which serve local snacks at certain locations, including sales by Self-help groups. This festival is regularly promoted during all Goa promotional events and participations at International and National markets.

It’s a place for everyone, so do plan to join in!

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