Automotive Dreams Live in Auto Exotica

Packed with the utmost in luxury vehicles, super cars and hyper cars — from today and days gone by — Auto Exotica at the Canadian International AutoShow is where automotive dreams live. 

Consistently one of the most popular features at the AutoShow, Auto Exotica is a showcase of vehicles most of us can only look at longingly. They represent the pinnacle of automotive production and performance, from the ultra luxurious to the super fast. 

“Toronto is renowned as a leading market for luxury and super cars, and that is reflected at the Canadian International AutoShow,” says Jason Campbell, General Manager of the AutoShow. “Year in and year out, Auto Exotica has been a showcase of the finest automobiles in the world, and it is annually ranked as a fan favourite — an indication of how important the feature is for Show goers here in Toronto.”

Auto Exotica, moving to a new location on the 800 level of the South Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, is returning with a packed lineup of dream cars. 

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