Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Statement by Minister Hussen on Saint Patrick’s Day

On Saint Patrick’s Day, Irish Canadians from across the country celebrate their storied heritage and vibrant culture.

Since arriving in what was then known as New France in the 17th century, Canadians of Irish heritage have been an important part of shaping our country into the diverse society it is today. From the arts to business, politics and beyond, members of the Irish-Canadian community have made an undeniable impact. Right now, over one in eight Canadians in towns and cities across this country can proudly trace their roots back to Ireland.

During Saint Patrick’s Day, many people across our country will join in the festivities, whether by attending a community parade or sharing in a song or a traditional Irish dance. This day not only highlights the past contributions made by Canadians of Irish heritage, but also their current role in our society.

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated during Irish Heritage month, and it underscores just how vital it is to acknowledge the diverse communities that make our country what it is now while promoting the values that make us who we are.

As Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion, I encourage all Canadians to participate in events taking place across the country and to learn more about the rich heritage and culture of the Irish community here in Canada.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Sláinte!

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