Premier Ford Shares Persian New Year Greetings!

Today, Premier Doug Ford issued the following statement to mark the beginning of Nowruz, the Persian New Year:

“Today marks Nowruz, a time of hope and renewal for millions of Persians around the world.

This year, as thousands of Ontarians celebrate Nowruz, many will be thinking of their loved ones in Iran who are fighting for their fundamental human rights. Our hearts go out to those brave citizens as they face these struggles, especially the women putting themselves at risk by speaking out for equality.

The province of Ontario will always stand on the side of justice and equity for all. We send our wholehearted support to the Iranian-Canadian community and the people of Iran.

The Persian community and its rich history are an integral part of our Ontario heritage. This province is a better place because of the many contributions of our Persian community members.

And so, on this day, I want to wish all who celebrate Nowruz a joyous and prosperous new year ahead.

Nowruz Pirouz!”

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