“Wishing everyone a Happy Ugadi!”

The World celebrates the new year on January 1. But for one of the world’s most diverse countries, one new year isn’t enough. India is home to people from different religions and faiths, some even following their own calendars. Bihu, Baishakhi, Gudi Padwa, and Ugadi are just a few of the new years that we celebrate in India.

In Karnataka, the auspicious festival of Ugadi, which represents the beginning of the New Year, is celebrated with great sheer delight and zeal on the first day of Chaitra. The universe was presumably formed on this day, according to Hindu mythology, by Lord Brahma. The festival therefore has a truly meaningful significance in the region because it marks the start of nature’s annual cycle and the arrival of the spring season.

If you want to experience the full splendour of the Ugadi festival, you should make the journey to Karnataka’s small towns and villages, where the festivities are glorious and represent the true essence of the region. Ugadi, like any other festival in India, is celebrated with delicious food. And to commemorate the occasion, mouth-watering special delicacies are prepared throughout the state. Thus, Ugádi, a joyous festival, symbolises peace, harmony, and prosperity.

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