Summer Festival @ the Queen of Hills, Ooty!

The iconic Ooty Summer Festival is celebrated every year in the Queen of Hills, Ooty, during the month of May. The various activities conducted during this festival attract a large influx of domestic and international tourists for the festival. The Department of Tourism, Tamil Nadu, along with the Department of Horticulture, jointly organises the Nilgiris District Summer Festival in the month of May.

The Summer Festival comprises a variety of cultural programmes and events, such as:Flower show – The Ooty Flower Show is conducted in the Botanical Garden to showcase the finest floral sculptures, authentic and contemporary floral artistry, displaying the finest works of art and culture.Spice Show – For all the foodies and connoisseurs, a spice show with a variety of locally grown spices from the Ooty plantation farms, including cloves, tea, cardamom, and dried fruits, is set up here.Fruit Show – The Fruit Show of Ooty has a 50-year history.

This show at the summer festival is a fantastic approach to illustrate how art can be portrayed through bringing many fruits under one roof.Vegetable Show – The vegetables are designed to make artistic creations in all appealing ways at this show. With the support of professional artists, the crops and vegetables are chosen to create sculptures of figures and animals that allure the eyes of visitors.Boat Race –

As a part of the Summer Festival, the Department of Tourism, Tamil Nadu hosts a 1-day boat race, attracting participants from various states annually. At the Ooty Lake, tourists compete in the boat race by pedaling their way to victory.Additionally, a number of cultural programmes including music and dance shows are held at the festival to allure the tourists.

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