Animation film ‘Ramayana – The Legend of Prince Rama’ is coming to Canada!

Experience the epic adaptation of The Ramayana, a Hindu scripture and one of the two
major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, recreated by some of Japan’s most well-respected
master animators. The film will be distributed in Canada by Momo Films, a boutique film
company specializing in bringing rare and unique Japanese films to Canadian filmgoers.
Multiple screenings will be held across Canada with the film debuting at the Toronto
Japanese Film Festival (TJFF) on June 18th at the Japanese Canadian Culture Centre.

Following that the film will travel to VIFF Centre, home of the Vancouver Film Festival, and
RIO Theatre in Vancouver. The film is a must-see for anyone who loves Japanese animation
and epic Indian legends!
Confirmed Theatres
• Toronto: June 18th (Sunday) Toronto Japanese Film Festival at Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
• Vancouver: June 25th (Sunday) and June 26th (Monday) at VIFF Centre
• RIO Theatre in Vancouver will show the film in the summer 2023 too.

Four princes were born to three queens in Ayodhya, the royal castle of the ancient Indian kingdom of Kosala. However, Prince Rama was banished from the palace for 14 years due to a conspiracy within the court which led him to spend his time hiding in the forest with his incredibly beautiful wife, Sita. After Prince Rama exterminates a forest demon, he incurs the wrath of the demon king Ravana, and Sita is kidnapped. With the help of the monkey army, Rama sets out to rescue Sita; however, his brother Lakshmana is mortally wounded during the battle with Ravana’s powerful army. Then, a general
of the monkey army, Hanuman, flies to the Himalayas and carries an entire mountain of medicinal herbs that heal Lakshmana’s wounds, which saves his life. Rama’s army eventually uses the “heavenly weapon” to defeat Ravana’s army and makes a triumph return to Ayodhya.

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