About Us

Namaste Newsline   is your community connection, your window to the neighbourhood, country and the world in general. We bring you an update of happenings around us every week, through beautiful words and great pictures, in print and on the web mosaic.

Our target audience is not just the South Asians, but anyone who is interested in understanding their immediate environment and the world beyond. Our reach through print media, is approximately 50,000 readers in Toronto, Canada. Our online audience, through our website …and social media, is global.

As a quarterly magazine, our focus is not on the ethnicity, but the society as a whole. We strive to align our goals and values with those of our clients and readers. The content is such that it will attract readers from all age-groups from different backgrounds – teenagers, seniors, housewives, professionals and executives. Our different segments include city news, national news, news from India, around the world. We aim to entertain, educate, inform and have articles and news from the business world, politics, current affairs, consumer issues, lifestyle, health, sports, auto, technology – a wholesome mix, in short. We also invite readers to contribute, share their thoughts, express their opinions and    also have celebrity interactions, in the form of interviews, and exchange of ideas.

So, browse our site, ‘Like’ us Facebook, Follow us on ‘Twitter’ and write to us. Advertise with us. Namaste Newsline  is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With breaking news and regular updates, it is  becoming a very popular resource for individuals in all age-groups who want to stay current with the latest news and get informative articles.

The Team:


Bala Pudukkotai

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